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Should I Shoot For Playgirl?

HollyRandall: so [your] gonna let me shoot you for Playgirl, right?
HollyRandall: i mean, obviously you can take your Levitra
HollyRandall: i can make you look like this
Luke: i am not worthy
HollyRandall: do you feel a little gay, having looked at that picture?
HollyRandall: i put it up as my default pic on my myspace, and i haven’t had one friend request since
HollyRandall: i usually get tons every day
HollyRandall: i guess guys would feel gay if they sent me a friend request with that pic, i dunno
HollyRandall: i’ve actually noticed that from shooting men for Playgirl, they bitch a lot less than the girls do
HollyRandall: though it is a more difficult shoot in some ways, considering the “sensitive equipment” we have to deal with

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