Should Pornstars Wear Condoms?

This is a hot topic in the porn industry and it probably always will be: should pornstars wear condoms in scenes? Most people would say, “Sure, if they want to!” However, there are people out there who would like to make it mandatory for pornstars to wear the prophylactics in every porn scene. There have already been numerous campaigns in California, where most of the porn gets made, to make this a law. A statewide measure failed this year, but in a previous election, one did pass in Los Angeles, making porn studios move out of the city limits. A recent study of the biz said that 60-70% of all porno flicks are made in California, which is quite a lot when you consider that this is a $97 billion industry! So, what are the arguments for and against?

Well, people who want pornstars to be required to wear condoms say that there is a lack of solid sexual information being passed around in the US, and other countries, and that sometimes people end up getting their sexual education from porn movies. When they see pornstars fucking without condoms, they assume that’s how they should do it too. However, this argument is a little weak. It’s pretty clear in most porn movies that they are supposed to be hot representations of fantasies, because most people aren’t having threesomes with double anal and deepthroat face fucking sessions. Others argue that pornstars should either wear condoms, or show the work that goes into making sure that sex on porn sets is as safe as possible. This would mean letting people know that all performers on set had been tested within the past 2 weeks, as is the current industry standard, and showing people washing their cocks or toys in between positions and scenes.

However, pornstars and those in the industry say that wearing condoms for porn sex is simply impractical for those who do not want to use them. They say that the friction caused by latex against delicate skin when fucking vigorously for hours just doesn’t feel great, and it can even cause rashes or abrasions. Plus, they also feel that just like anyone else, they should be in charge of their own sexual health and be able to make their own informed decisions about how they have sex, who they have it with and what type of devices they use for safer sex, if any. Safe sex is sexy, but it looks like many things – not just wearing a condom. Porn is a creative activity, and laws telling people what they can and can’t do on screen is kind of censorship. Let the bare cocks flow free, I say, and let the people who want to wear condoms wear them!

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