Should sex between prison guards and inmates be allowed?

Prison guards should be in control, but not go overboard; they should be caring, but as well not too caring. This is how one corrections officer refers to how officers in prison should deal with inmates. If you swing too far on one side, you turn out with the terrors of the inmates, and considering that they are serial killers, murderers and all that; you don’t want to be part of that. Again if you care too much, you will turn out with what is referred to as “inappropriate relation.”

Allow The Porn Dude to also bring to your attention the worst case scenario; bearing an inmate’s kid or impregnating one. Remember last year, the case at Bandyup Women’s prison. Although I do not have much information about the circumstances of the case, I know for sure the officer in question was suspended and investigated for impregnating an inmate. Now, this could have been an exercise of too much “caring,” or it could have been an abuse of power, or it was mutual, or it could have been an entirely different thing.

The Department of Corrective Services stated that they were investigating “an alleged consensual sexual relationship between a female offender in her 30’s and a prison officer”. At the time, the officer got suspended while the inmate received “care and support.” Under the Federal law in the US, sexual contact between an inmate and an officer is an offense where consent is certainly not a defense. Apparently, the officer ended up on the wrong side of the law.

Why guards engage in relationships with inmates

Every prison officer knows that it’s not just their job they risk when they indulge in sexual relations with inmates but also their safety and freedom. To the Porn Dude’s surprise, for some, the risks are worth taking. Over the years, we have heard several cases of officers fucking inmates and vice versa. Some of the examples include;

A prison officer who had a baby with an inmate at HM Aylesbury Young Offenders Institution in 2009. She was jailed for two and a half years after pleading guilty.

Julie Turton faced a sentence after being engaged in a sexual relationship with a prisoner Danny King and also supplying drugs to inmates.

In 2013, Rebecca King was jailed for 3 years for helping her prisoner lover recharge his phone.

Among the reasons that lead to relationships between correctional officers and inmates despite the risks are:-

The environment

In the prison environment, a compromised officer is as good as toast. If the prisoners have knowledge that an officer has brought in some illegals or broke other rules, they tend to blackmail them. The Porn dude has also learned that prisons are packed with lonely hearts. Especially in women prisons, they take any chance of solace and companionship they get. Some even call out to inmates in the neighboring men prisons, strike relationships, and exchange ribald affections from one prison to the next.

Sometimes the guards take it upon themselves to exploit this loneliness, or even allow inmates to exploit them. In any case, it is a good chance to knock up some cheap pussy, or for the lady officers, get that massive black dick. However, I agree with the US reasoning, sex between an officer and an inmate is always abuse.

“The Forbidden Fruit” in exchange for favors

According to a report by Howard League for Penal Reform, both male and female inmates have been coerced into sexual relations by officers in return for favors like alcohol and cigars. Nevertheless, the reasons behind most “consensual relationships” that result to jail time are difficult to identify.

Elie Godsi, a consultant psychologist, suggests that it is the natural nature of the prison environment can lead people to be attracted to one another. What the consultant is trying to put across is, officers and prisoners, spend a lot of time together, and sometimes sexual tension arrives making them go overboard.

Elie said that it could be the lure of the “forbidden fruit” that attracts others.

“These are not normal relationships; these are rose-tinted,” Elie said.

These people are not seeing each other under normal circumstances.

“The inmates don’t have to worry about money for rent, or paying for food; they are pretty well looked after.

“And the boundaries between people in prison are very rigid.

“There is an element of the forbidden fruit and some people are attracted to that.”

A mutually beneficial relationship

Mr. Elie stated that inmates could behave differently than they would in the outside world since they want to keep off trouble. A relationship between an officer and a prisoner is mutually beneficial such that; the prisoner can gain favors while the officers feel at ease when “their man” is returned in a cell as they go home.

Some of these women [officers] have a history of difficult or abusive relationships,” he said.

“But this is safe. They cannot be violent because there’s a lot of people around.”

However, such relationships remain rare, and Mr. Elie thought of it as an “incomprehensive” idea.

The “bad boy image.”

Again Mr. Ellie said that some people have some admiration of people who have a criminal background.

“Prisoners are often not the most hygienic, well-kept people,” he said.

“It’s not like they walk around looking like movie stars. They are often disheveled, tired; often they haven’t shaved for days. It may be the persona, it may be the bad boy image. I don’t know.”


Its common sense that a prison officer and an inmate will never be on the same. It is therefore not a question of science or consent when it comes to sex. In the eyes of The Porn Dude, the public and the government it will always be an abuse of power. After all, they know the law.

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