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Should’ve Known Better

Jas writes on the Carnal Comics Yahoo group:

I’ve been out of the porn biz for around seven years, but even I knew/know better than to ship over-the-edge porn to Florida. Or ANY porn, back when Carnal was going full tilt in the 90s. We had a huge account called Miami Books, but we shipped their X-rated comics to South Carolina and they trucked the books to their chain stores in FL from there. We didn’t ship to Oklahoma City, Florida, and for awhile Utah, due to crackdowns on shipping x-rated material, and there was a spell where we stopped filling Texas orders too (I ferget what happened, perhaps a comic shop bust).

I think I recall Florida as the state where a comic artist went to prison simply for DRAWING porn! Mike Diana probably didn’t sell more than a few hundred of his (admittedly disturbing) homemade Boiled Angel comic, and he was imprisoned for drawing it. If Max was shipping those DVDs (the European versions, apparently, with full fisting, urination, etc) to Florida, he should have known all the $$$ he was making would be needed for lawyers someday.

“How is America safer because another Hollywood filmmaker has been charged with the crime of making movies?”

If Max has made, say, 500 movies (probably MUCH more), and there’s four girls in each, that 2000 female Americans who would have been safer if Max had been shut down sooner.

I bet a sizeable proportion of those women would say they were raped in those films, including I suspect women still working for other porn directors

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