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The talk around the show was gloomy. With the declining sales of the DVD market, the industry is getting more cut throat. I talked to several porners about the show this year and none of them were very positive. The Awards show especially seemed to be disappointing. While last years show seemed to go over very well with higher production values, this years show seemed lack luster.

  • While Larry Flynt was accepting an award at this years award show, he claimed that by this time next year half the companies would be out of business.
  • It has been reported in many other blogs already that Jenna Jameson had a strange speech before giving out her award for Crossover Star of the Year. In the bizarre rant, in which she brings up her weight, she claimed that she will never open her legs for the adult industry again.
  • This year’s award show is to be broadcast on Showtime. At one point Chi Chi LaRue came on stage to perform and wanted all the girls to join her. No girls would get on stage until nearly half way through her song. The show producers decided to film the performance again and went into the crowd to make girls go up on stage with Chi Chi. The amount of girls on stage was very small, unlike shows in the past.
  • In previous years the awards show always had some form of established act perform, which probably attracted the girls to go on stage. This year there was no established act. I think many of the new girls didn’t know who Chi Chi is.
  • The convention floor seemed to be lacking many of the female performers. In years past the convention was always packed with the majority of the talent. This year many of the talent pool did not come to show, which clearly showed when walking around the convention.
  • A source told me that the split between Teagen Presley and Digital Playground was not as amicable as first reported. Digital is trying to prevent Teagen from working for other companies and she is not allowed to have any contact with Digital’s current contract roster.
  • From what I hear John Stagliano is closing his Las Vegas dance show in February. The show was loosing money.

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