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Showtime TV Star Nick Hawk aka Nicholas Haas Scores Robert Drysdale Black Belt

Nicholas Haas otherwise known to his countless TV fans as Nick Hawk from the long-running, hit Showtime series, Gigolos, is now a Robert Drysdale Black Belt after winning the IBJJF Pan Championship last weekend.

“I have tried every form of martial arts, include karate as a child and have studied every form of martial arts since I’ve been with Robert Drysdale,” says Haas. “How honored I am to get a black belt from the person I admire most in the Ju-Jitsu belt.”

Haas has been wrestling since middle school and won the No-Ji world championship in 2014 in grapplers class. He is a Naga expert and won the 2016 National Brown Belt Open Division Championship, beating all weight classes. He went on to the 2017 Pan Championship and in doing so received his black belt.

“If feels good when all the work pays off,” says Hawk, “Everything I do in my life is in hope to motivate and inspire others.”

One of the reason Haas accepted his infamous role as Nick Hawk on Showtime’s Gigolos was for the opportunity to reside in Las Vegas to compete and has been with Robert Drysdale for the last eight years that the show has been running.

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About Nick Hawk:

I was born on September 3, 1981 in Madison, Wisconsin. Having little money motivated me to become successful. I have worked well over 100 different jobs starting with newspaper delivery and farm work from an early age. I would work before school and play sports after. I played soccer and basketball at early ages, wrestled, played football and baseball in middle school and high school. I lettered four times in wrestling and was captain of my wrestling team my senior year. In the little free time I had I raced dirt bikes, snowboarded, played my guitar and wrote music. After graduating high-school, I attended college for a year in Wisconsin and continued my wrestling career. I ran out of money, decided I needed to get away and joined the Air Force for a four-year-tour so I would receive the GI Bill to have the rest of my college paid for. I was an Air Force Marksman and passed all of the tests to become Air Force special ops but decided to transfer into a job where I was able to attend college full-time.

In 2005, I left the Air Force with a honorable discharge, packed up all of my belongings and headed to California to take a shot at a career in entertainment. Never being there or knowing anyone, I drove straight down Beach Boulevard to the ocean, got out of my truck, picked up a newspaper and started to look for somewhere to live and work. While finishing college, I bartended, was a personal trainer and stripped to pay the bills. I graduated college in ’07 with an English major that focused on Creative Writing, and a minor in Journalism. During my last year of college I started my first company Explicit Strippers and expanded it to Orange County, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, Dallas and Hawaii. I put on multiple successful male review productions and booked strippers for private parties. In 2008, I was on the cover of Men’s Health UK. I studied acting and auditioning full-time in Los Angeles from 2006-2011.

I made the switch from a stripper to a gigolo in 2009, when Garren James with recruited me. Being a gigolo has truly shaped me, brought me much fulfillment and has made me the person I am today. In 2010, I was approached by the Showtime series ‘Gigolos’ and have stared in every episode of all 6 seasons. In 2013, I released my ‘Nick Hawk Gigolo’ sex toy line which includes a dildo from my molded penis, sex position book and over 20 other items. Currently I am doing appearances, performances and have released twelve singles including my new hits ‘Leave With Me,’ ‘Tippin N Sippin” & ‘We Fight.’ The music video to “We Fight” won a Hollywood Music Award in 2016: CLICK HERE TO WATCH. In 2016 I also made Music Connection’s “Top 100 Unsigned Artists” list. I published my first book “Sexoirs of a Gigolo” and have recently completed ‘Nick Hawk’s 100 Kicks In The Ass: A Guide To Gaining Confidence & Reaching Your Full Potential.’

I stay busy, to say the least, promote healthy lifestyles and positivity. In my little free time, I enjoy working out, working on my music, traveling the world, the outdoors, hiking with my dogs, snowboarding, wakeboarding, kitesurfing and surfing. I’ve been training in Brazilin Jiu Jitsu for 11 years. In 2014, I won the IBJFF Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championship as a purple belt. In 2016, I won the IBJFF Nationals open weight brown belt division and was the NAGA Expert Heavyweight division champion winning back-to-back titles. I will always get the most enjoyment, fulfillment and satisfaction exploring my creative side. I will continually create new innovative and original music. I’ve recently brought on a new Theatrical Manager to explore my acting craft, which I feel I have perfected, to add the only thing I felt was missing from my life.

For more information, visit; Nick Hawk may also be followed on Twitter at, on Instagram at, and on Facebook at

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