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Shreks PR Removed: “No Topics About Prostitution”

Yes, we call Erika Icon Shrek..Now that you’ve stopped laughing, lets get into the why. No, not why we call her Shrek, but why her PR was removed from DvdTalk..

SESTA/FOSTA.. Both Adult DVD talk, and Xcritic have shut down anything that pertains to prostitution promotion, in this case, Shreks PR was about the Bunny ranch, where prostitution is legal.. XCritic, has taken it a step further, they dont want any feature dancing PR’s up, the reasoning is, if the girl is doing a “tour” at the same time she’s traveling for dance gigs and gets popped for hooking, It could in theory be brought back to the ones promoting the tour.. To me thats a little bit of a reach, but I get it 100%.. I would never question someone who’s trying to protect their livelihood..

I’ve had to change the way I do things on my sites, and may have to make other changes. Not sure if any of you will believe this, but there are actually people in this world that don’t like me, and would report me for anything they thought would shut me down..

One day, I will tell you why we call her Shrek…

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