Adult Business

Shy Love Is Now Running Matrix Models

After a shocking and ground breaking revelation posted earlier here today, we can know confirm my Horsenins, aka Shy Love,  is in fact running Matrix.. Showing up to shoots bragging about the millions of dollars she’s made and how her pussy is worth it’s weight in gold.

Which begs the question, how much does Shy’s pussy weigh? Are there pussy weigh stations along the highway? What if your pussy weighs too much? Does a pussy need a work visa?

I’m sorry mam, but your pussy is 2.9 pounds over the legal pussy limit. I’m gonna have to cite you for violating Penal Code Section CX, paragraph 3

Please sign here, it’s not an admission that your pussy weighs too much, it just your promise that you, along with your pussy will appear before the Judge

Once, Shy told people there was a contract on her life.

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