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Shyla’s “Lawyer” Threatens me…

I received this from Shyla’s  “lawyer” tonight. I find it hard to believe that someone that went to law school would spell this many words wrong… and you know what? I started off ***starring*** the name the “lawyer” called her thinking it’s her real name. But since i don’t know if this is a real lawyer, and the name he is using for her is not one that I know as her real name, I gave  up on  it.  I don’t know if her real name is H****. Do you? I also hate when someone tries to scare me off a story. If they really had a problem with what i said, they could tell me their side and convince me. When I get emails from fake lawyers who give me more information than i had in the first place, (i mean did i say anything about needle marks or heroin? ) they would have been better off just SHUTTING THE FUCK UP! …


Ms. Loftus:

I am an attorney representing *********, aka “Shyla Stylez”. It has come to Ms. ******s attention that you plan to publish an article (the “Article”) making false and misleading statements about Ms. Hardy, namely, that she abuses illegal narcotics such as heroin.

This claim is a malicious and vile attempt to subject Ms*****y to reputational harm in a manner that will undoubtedly damage her social standing and career prospects, and serves no redeemable or newsworthy purpose whatsoever. The claim of narcotics use by Ms. H****, along with supposed claims that she performed negligently during a recent professional appearance and was intoxicatd during a booking, are categorically and demonstrably false, and as such constitute defamation of character. Marks on Ms. ********s arm which you apparently intend to claim are due to heroin needles are in fact marks from a legitimate illness and its treatment. Let me emphasize the severity of your false claims and the ease with which Ms.******* can disprove them.

Please be aware that under California Civil Code sections 44 and 45, intentional publication of a false fact which has natural tendency to cause “special damages” is grounds for a defamation claim against you and whatever publication you intend to distribute the Article through. Statements which damage a person’s reputation in business and impact their ability to make a living are “per se” defamatory as are statements which suggest that someone has committed a crime (such as, in this case, abuse of illegal narcotics) and special damages are presumed. To clarify, you have made malicious and verifiably false statements about Ms. Hardy which directly impact her ability to secure employment and make a living, and are defamatory on their face. As such, there is a presumption of liability leveled against you in this matter.

Accordingly, we hereby demand that you refrain from posting the Article or publishing these false and misleading claims in any medium. If you ignore these warnings and this notice of the falsity of your claims, Ms. H****** will immediately take legal action against you and any faciliating publication(s) (including the “Luke Is Back” website), including filing suit against you for libel and intentional infliction of emotional distress. These are claims that carry severe penalties.
This message is not, and is not intended to be, a complete or exhaustive statement of all of Ms.******’s rights or claims. Nothing contained herein shall be deemed a waiver of any of Ms. H******’s rights or remedies, all of which are hereby expressly reserved.


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Beverly Hills, CA 90212
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