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Signs Your Girlfriend is Sexy

Many men wonder whether it is possible to determine a woman’s sexual potential and the level of her sexuality by the outward signs. Under these terms the so-called sexual temperament is hidden – that is, how often and how much a person needs sex.

  1. Is she satisfied with herself?

For example, hot Ukrainians know that they are sexy and, therefore, they don’t feel embarrassed for their appearance. A woman with a good self-esteem likes to be feminine and tries to emphasize the femininity of her appearance in every possible way even if she has an athletic body and her voice is not too high. If you already have a lady, now you know that high self-esteem will help increase her sexuality. However, keep in mind that a sexy woman doesn’t need to have a model appearance. Do you know by what principle such seducers as the world-famous Casanova chose women? They were not looking for beauty but for sexuality.

  1.   Listen to how she laughs

Laughter shows that a lady is at the peak of her sexuality. Sexual woman doesn’t hold back emotions. If she is happy, she will laugh and will not cover her mouth with her hand, looking around shyly. The laughter of a sexy mature woman is poured like a nightingale’s trill and, at this time, she is completely relaxed and liberated.

  1.   Watch her gestures and appearance

Behavior, namely gestures, will help determine the sexuality of a woman. Does she often touches her lips and breasts lightly, elegantly stroke her hair every now and then? She is definitely not constrained, which means she feels sexually. Her clothes are neat, but at the same time, they sits perfectly on her figure, exposing such parts of her body as a need-neck, décolleté zone, shoulders, and belly. Again, this means that a woman is not shy of her appearance.

  1.   She feels confident in a circle of men

That is, in a society of representatives of a stronger sex, a sexy woman will not be shy and silent. She will behave at ease. This representative of the beautiful half of humanity is emancipated, confident in herself and her appearance, which means she is sexy. If a man sits at the bar counter, a woman will not move aside, on the contrary, she can move closer to a man, barely touching his legs or shoulder.

  1.   Sexy woman will not mumble

A lady, who is at the peak of her sexuality, will also be relaxed and positive in conversation. At the same time, she also knows how to express negative emotions, but they will not have such destructive effects as uncontrolled anger and abuse.

  1.   Gait is one of the main indicators of sexuality

Gait of a sexy lady is free, from the hip; she moves gently, smoothly. A woman seems to fly through the air, feeling at ease. If you meet a woman, for example, on a dating site, and then see how sexually she walks, talks, and generally behaves, consider that you are lucky. However, please note that a sexy representative of the weaker sex is more difficult to keep because if she doesn’t like you, she knows that she can easily find another man.

  1.   She kisses well

Did you take her home and she gave you kiss? How lovely! Her kiss can tell a lot about how she has sex. If she moans during kiss and uses other parts of her body, except her lips, then you can almost surely talk about her abilities in bed. A hot girl can be compared to a cat. You don’t have sex, but at the same time, when you are nearby, she seems to stick to you. A girl likes to cuddle up to you, sit on your knees, hug, play, and touch somewhere. Hot girls like to be hugged or taken in men’s arms. A body and temperament of a hot lady always needs physical contact. This temperament just pushes her to have intimacy with a man.


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