SimplySxy Chats With Raven Roxx

Transsexual Starlet Raven Roxx

Recently Transsexual Starlet Raven Roxx was Interviewed by for an article entitled ‘Do’s & Don’ts For Having Sex With A Transsexual For The First Time’. Raven talks candid about misconceptions having sex with a TS woman, what to know before, and tips to have a orgasmic time. For the complete Interview
Raven says, “I love sex! If it wasn’t for sex, I wouldn’t have a job. When consenting adults choose to have sex, whether it’s straight, gay, or bisexual, it’s their way of expressing themselves and how they feel about their partner. There are some freaky and down right weird ways to express those feelings, but that’s what makes it so awesome. There’s something for everyone. And if you have a kink, rest assured that you can find someone out there to share that kink.”
Fan’s can check Roxx out in recent DVD releases such as ‘Wendy Williams Schools In Session’ and ‘Shemale Scares” of which both are releases through her studio Bad Girl Mafia Productions.
To see more of Raven check out her official website, follow her on twitter @tsravenroxx.  For individual clips  For all Interview/Questins [email protected].


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