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Single Greatest Invention To Improve Your Girl’s BJ’s!


The dildo is in many cases a woman’s best friend; whenever your dick is BEING a dick, or a lesbian just needs to feel some glorious penetration – the trusty dildo saves the day. Well, what if I told you dildos can now benefit the male populace as well? Don’t get the wrong idea here, please read on for some beneficial advice!

Punch Men, Use Dildos!

A friend once told me that he wished his girlfriend provided a more vigorous blowjob to meet his growing needs, so I took to the interwebs to find a method that makes bitches wanna blow harder! Suddenly, a radio ad popped up describing what any guy would think to be a genius invention, the HEELDO!

That’s right, the HEELDO is meant to rev up your woman while she swallows your man-meat. If she sucks at giving head, this is sure to make her give 110%!! There’s even a promotional video displaying its many uses, thanks to the fine people at!

So don’t be a dickhead – try out a HEELDO today!

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