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Sinnamon Love In The Monkey Cage

Queerbot writes on XPT:

This dumb cunt doesn’t seem to realize that her calm, calculated, economically guided decision to enter porn is more debased than the ones who enter it spun out on dope or reenacting childhood trauma. For the latter, we can always partly explain their behavior by pathology–to an extent, they either know not what they do, or cannot help what they do. But to clearheadedly sell your ass? Fuck, you aren’t ill in any ordinary sense, so it’s hard to be sympathetic–you’re just a fucking degenerate, soulless piece of shit.

String this bitch up.

…Being a pro-whore is a pretty extreme career choice, all things considered. So…I’m curious how you explain your vocation to your children. Could you say something about that?

Sinnamon Love responds:

Sinnamon, with an “S” dear. To address your question, my children have always received age appropriate information as they have grown up. How does a cop explain that he shoots and kills people? Some things you just explain on a need to know basis. I’m certain people would like to pretend like they never have sex to make those children and that their kids never inquire why mommy was screaming “Oh God,” while in bed with their spouse. Young children may not know what sex is, and therefore not warrant that explanation. For my teenagers, they know what I do because my ex-husband thought it would make them hate me – he was wrong, my teenagers and I share a closer bond because of it. They feel they can tell me anything because they see me as perhaps a bit more liberal than most parents. The truth however, is that I am quite conservative despite my sexual proclivities. It allows me to give my children open, honest opinions about their lives, their choices and the paths they chose – so that they can make healthy decisions bout their future. Truth is, most children see their parents with rose-colored glasses, mine know that I am human, but see from their own observations that I am more than my occupation. I am the woman that has always been there for PTA meetings and baked cupcakes for birthdays, helps with geometry homework and assigns reading list for the summer. I think that’s really all that matters… Not how I chose to earn a living. Fortunately, porn has allowed me to put away enough to provide for their college educations, even if they all decide to go off to IVY League schools.

So yes, while you stated in your previous comment that I am a souless deginerate for chosing to sell my body without some imaginary necessary pathology, I think its far more noble than working a 9-5 and limited my kids to a life orchestrated by a government and educational system that forces young adults barely out the crib to incur debt in order so they are forced into the work force instead of persuing their dreams… Luckily, I left college without such debt, and thanks to the consumers of porn, my kids will too.

I spent 6 years in the business condom only while pursuing other interests; primarily shooting fetish, bdsm and glamour. For your information, I was doing DPs 12 years ago when it was the “in” thing to do. Likewise, we did ATMs because they were just a part of “good sex” and not just because of a pay check. In re-adding DPs to my repetoire, I am still selective, and have only shot 1 such scene, for one director, Mr. Pete, for his upcoming movie Sprung a Leak #4. I have been able to do the impossible, to start off shooting all sorts of wickedly delicious things, only to stop, become condom only, and then return, still shooting just as much as I please without doing all the extreme things I did in the past. Female performers don’t do that. Ever.

  • My parent’s, while divorced and both remarried were also good, upstanding types that worked regular gigs and weren’t substances abusers. In fact, I didn’t discover that my parent’s even drank wine until I was an adult and my mom is a Methodist minister.
  • I wasn’t abused (verbally, sexually, emotionally) growing up.
  • I don’t need to use drugs to go to work.
  • While I enjoy making a pitcher of sangria on the weekend for a girl’s retreat day at my pool complete with a hot male masseur and a gourmet meal, I’m not into using to get through my days.
  • I have not just a 4 year degree, but my Bachelor’s degree from USC. (I actually worked at Hudson Comprehensive Health Center for a few years after college and left the biz but I hated my job and realized that I was relatively well known in biz and would always be recognizable so I decided to get back in the biz and capitolize of the name and image I created.)
  • No numerous retardly expensive watches and handbags in my closet for the sake of “flossing.” I do have a thing for classic Tiffany pieces and E-Trade stocks however.)

    Funny you mentioned being a doctor… When I started college I wanted to be a nurse midwife. I received my Bachelor’s, was accepted at Charles Drew University here in L.A. for their Master’s program and realized that in many settings nurse practioners and midwives do all the work while doctor’s take all the credit. I didn’t want to have to call some pompous jerk that never stepped foot in a clinic on a golf course just to be able to write a prescription for tylenol for one of my patients.

    Yeah, you have to make those decisions for yourself. …I don’t think that I’m the exception, I think that these days with the mainstreaming of porn, there are more people getting into porn because its lucrative, and not because of some inherent dysfunction. While I understand what you’re saying about materialistic greed, I’d say with the exception of the few that go off and work for Doctor’s Without Borders or Operation Smile, most people that that go through the rigors of post-grad studies in med school aren’t doing it to make a difference. They do it because they want a nice house in a good neighborhood and a Benz in the driveway. Trust me,, emergency room nurses like the $24-30/ hour they get for those 18 hour shifts… and don’t really give a flying fuck about the patient coming in complaining about a stomach for the 4th time this week, (even if they wind up dying in the emergency waiting room like this woman here in L.A. a few months back.) Most people get up and go to work everyday for materialistic greed. It always cracks me up when people equate pornography and drugs/ abuse/ etc.. As if there aren’t any clergy or lawyers or doctors or heads of companies that are doing coke on the bathroom sink or drinking amaretto in their coffee or was abused by their Sunday school teacher. Shit happens. You deal with you shit, claim your emotions and move on with your life. Not all lesbians were raped or molested as kids (or adults,) or beaten by their ex-husbands/ boyfriends/ lovers. To assume that the few are really the majority only means you’re limiting your thinking – and that may limit your exposure and involvement to many people that could have a positive impact on you in some fashion.

  • Queerbot writes:

    The difficulty remains that the pay rate for the vast majority of female sex workers (whether porn or escort services) far exceeds what they could get in other lines of employment, given their typical education levels and skill sets. Specifically, it’s pretty clear the majority don’t have BAs, or specialized vocational training (e.g. masonry) and certainly not many have advanced degrees (JDs, MDs, etc.). And, by and large, it takes an advanced degree, or huge hours, or specialized trade skills, to make six figures, especially early in one’s working life (and many of these porn girls are 18-26, which is very early indeed).


    So, granted that greed is pretty widespread in all walks of life, the unsettling thought is that these girls, rather than satisfying that greed for cash the hard way– i.e. studying hard, going to law, business, med school, or taking the great risks of the entrepreneur, putting in huge hours, etc.–they have taken a shortcut to a high pay rate by doing the unthinkable: selling their bodies. And, for better or worse, many people consider that pretty despicable.

    So, what is your response to those who say these sex worker girls are taking the lazy, degenerate way to a high pay rate, rather than putting in the long hard hours that everyone else who wants good money has to put in…

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