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Slave, Wars, Napoleon, Haiti, & Women’s Abortion Rights, or Lack of…

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  OP/ED by MR. @porn_valley

I’m writing this under duress. I’m of the mind that, in this case, my opinion doesn’t matter no matter what I say because I have a penis. There, I’ve said it, I have a penis and what I say about what a woman has a right to do with her uterus, boobs, vagina or anything else should not be up to me.

I mean we’ve been through this before. The white boy Christopher Columbus went to Hispaniola (Haiti and Dominican Republic) and began the systematic wipe out of an entire population of two million brown people through enslavement, child sex slaves for pedophiles and other unseemly accounts. The few thousand who escaped to Puerto Rico were all that were left.

We did it again with just those on Haiti. We decided how a country of black people should act. In 1804, during the first successful slave revolt in the world, Napoleon’s army was crushed by the people of Haiti. Napoleon had planned to build his world empire in Louisiana with the proceeds from the sugar colonies in Haiti but without the sugar, and with a possible war with Britain, he decided to sell the land to the United States for a measly three cents an acre – The Louisiana Purchase. So how did we thank Haiti? Our government feared that their slave uprising could be contagious and that enslaved Africans around the world would rebel – Our Congress joined France and Spain in banning trade and boycotting Haiti and crippling their economy unless they made reparations to France for fighting their enslavement and pushing out French Plantation owners.

In 1820, South Carolina Senator Robert Hayne said, “Our policy with regard to Haiti is plain. We can never acknowledge her independence,” because of the fear that Haiti could inspire slave revolts and end slavery worldwide. So Haiti cripples its own economy for nearly 100 years by paying France 90 million gold Francs for their freedom at steep French bank rates instead of building their own community and economy. 

Let us not forget our own slaves but let us not limit our description to just blacks.

Women also didn’t have rights even though they made up half the population.

Is it that much of a difference? White men oppressing blacks ~ White men oppressing women so they’d stay slaves to their husbands or fathers or even brothers.

It’s always “white men” causing the problems.

In recent months, Governors and Congresses of red states have attempted to pass more laws to limit women’s freedoms – to go against federal laws that protect those freedoms. You think it can’t happen? You think your right to vote is guaranteed? You’re sadly mistaken. You think your right to do what you want with your body when it comes to abortion is guaranteed? Think again. 

Why are all these laws being put forth now you ask? Because those same white men who have been fighting to take away your rights realize that their new laws will be challenged and end up in front of the newly minted Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court these days is leaning FAR Right in it’s decisions and all that The People have fought for for the last 200 years is up for grabs. John Robert’s court is the MOST dangerous challenge to all women’s rights.

Louisiana’s House just passed a law today that they hope will be challenged and sent to the Supreme Court. Those conservatives want to challenge Roe V Wade.

Let’s give you some basic history or Roe V Wade that you may not understand. The Republicans and Christian FundaMENTALists (emphasis on the “mental”)are always screaming that Roe V Wade is about abortion. That’s actually not true. Abortion isn’t the condition to them, it’s the disease. In other words, they changed the argument. I know, surprising that Republicans would lie, huh.

 Have you ever read the actual court decision? Well you should. The decision had NOTHING to do with abortion, it had to do with a woman’s right to choose what to do with her body.

Now think about that.

I’m no defender of Octomom but do you think the State should have the right to take her uterus? I’m no fan of over population but do you think a bunch of white men in suits should have the right to tell you that you can have only one child like they did in China?

So that’s why I don’t have the right to tell women whether they can or can’t have an abortion. I’ve played the “white knight” character before and I’m sorry I did it. I have a penis so I should have no right to tell thgose who have uteruses what to do with them. 

Maybe it’s because I’m the only boy with four sisters that makes me believe that. That white men sitting in any Congress in any statehouse shouldn’t have the right to make laws that supress the rights of The People who they have nothing in common with.

I mean, who the fuck do they think they are? God? Even God says “Judge not, lest ye be judged,” so that means they don’t have the right to take away your rights because of religious reasons.

 Yet those bloated old white boys continue to do so.

Today, the Louisiana House made a law that says you can NOT do what you want with your body. They have now said that in Louisiana you may NOT get an abortion for ANY reason. The Republican Governor, Bobby Jindal, has an out. The state would lose millions defending it and lose possibly billions in federal aid for not following federal law. In this economy that would be very costly

But as I said, I have a penis so it’s not even right for me to tell them that they’re wrong. I have a penis so I don’t have the right to tell them that they’re right. Not to mention the fact that I’m not in Louisiana.

But you there… yes, you with the vagina and uterus… You have a mouth also.  You have vocal chords don’t you? If you’re in Louisiana, call your Senators, your one Congressional representative, your in state representatives, Governor Bobby Jindal’s office and tell them ALL that they are NOT going to last if this law sees the light of day. And that you WILL find a way to recall them.

Then, I want you to withhold that vagina of yours until your man makes a phone call too because if you think those old fat white men are going to listen to some chick, you’re nuts. Because you’re only a woman… under the constitution you don’t have the right to vote, or to work for equal pay or to even work, or to own land. The Republicans in office now are NOT the Republicans under your Daddy’s party.

 Heck, under the Constitution you don’t have any rights to anything that was written after 1783.

Unless you fight to keep them.

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