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Sledge Hammer Killed?-UPDATE

Friday 1pm UPDATE- From Chucky Sleaze, who says this is what they think happened.  Still has to be rumor tho. I haven’t gotten anything from the police, the local news stations or his family yet.

Allegedly his girlfriend called 911 cuz he threatened to kill himself. Police and ambulance came, he was in ambulance and decided he was fine and Wanted to go home and sleep. He left and police were called back. Somehow he was tazed multiple times and went into cardiac arrest. He was Taken to hospital. Was in coma and on respirator. He had brain swelling etc. Doctors told mother he would never regain consciousness from The excessive tazing and they took him off the respirator. I found out Monday at 6:30pm that he was in hospital. And he died this morning. Been in a coma this whole time



This is NOT confirmed. It is a rumor right now. According to Lethal Hardcore Director Chucky Sleaze’s posts on Twitter-

“Sledge Hammer Passed away this morning. He was excessively tased by police. anyone who can recommend a good lawyer for the the fam lmk.”

picture from LA Direct

I’ll post more info here as I get it. Keep checking back.

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