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Sledge Hammer’s Friend Wants to set the Record Straight

This is part of an email exchange I had with Sledge’s friend Maya-


Its just so upsetting  to see people on multiple adult forums now making accusations about steroids and saying he had heart problems and medications. people who didn’t even know him… I was around this man like between 4 to 7 times a week for almost 4 years, I know he wasn’t on drugs or steroids. we are all in horrible pain over this, people don’t know what its like to think your friend is getting help and then walking into a room to find him strapped to a bunch of machines all beat up. Alexa is in so much pain and seeing idiots post judgements is not helping. we just want to spread the word so this never happens to anyone else.
thank you again Cindi, any little help means the world to us right now.


NL- Many more stories about Sledge below…

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