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Sliquid Releases Charitable Donation Roster

Top natural intimates manufacturer Sliquid ( has released the names of the organizations that have received a donation from their 2018 charitable contributions, including both local and national charities.
At the end of each year, the senior leadership at Sliquid sit down to curate a list of non-profit agencies whose mission align with the ideals of the Sliquid brand. The agencies included in this dossier run the gamut from medical-focused organizations to LGBT centers, animal rescues, and beyond. “Sliquid has been giving since the very beginning,” says Dean Elliott, who founded the company in 2002. He goes on to say, “Giving back is something that was instilled in me by my very gracious mother, so in some fashion, it’s a way for us to carry on her legacy.”
Sliquid takes a comprehensive approach to community support. Non-profit agencies and community-focused businesses submit in-kind product donation requests for review through the company’s website. Along with product and monetary donations, the employees of Sliquid volunteer their time to organizations that need manpower over anything else.
Dean, along with co-owner Cynthia Wielgosz, and Sliquid’s resident CGO (Chief Giving Officer), Doriane Elliott, collaborate to always make sure that the company’s success is a shared success. When speaking about how they decide what agencies to donate to, Elliott says, “We’re all animal lovers in our office, so animal charities are a big part of our focus, but we love to give too many types of deserving organizations, and I believe the list will continue to grow.”Sliquid

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