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Small Dick Pageant!

Small Dick Pageant

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who Has the Tiniest Dick of Them All?

Hold onto your micropeens, Brooklyn! The Smallest Penis in Brooklyn Pageant is back again and looking for eligible contestants for its third annual tiny cock competition. Dainty-dicked dudes from across the city will gather on June 13th 2015 in an attempt to sashay their way to victory. Winners of the pageant will receive a crown, a sash, $500, and a cringe-worthy story to tell their friends and loved ones.

The competition for Brooklyn’s most pint-sized peen will take place at the King’s County Saloon in Bushwick, and contestants will be measured beforehand to ensure that there will be no show-stealing attempts by those of a more well-endowed nature. There will be a talent, swimsuit, and evening wear portions to the competition, and all contestants are required to compete in order to accurately judge a winner.

The event is sponsored by, an amazing website that lets you send themed cardboard dicks to anyone you desire. Outstanding!

We couldn’t possibly talk about small cocks without pointing out that has a whole bunch of small cock videos added by the community! Take a look, but something tells us these won’t compare with the contestants in Brooklyn on the 13th.  Enjoy!

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