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SmutMutant tribute to Neil Diamond & Luke Ford sorta…

Smut Mutant writes me-

Since one of the only times I exchanged messages with Luke was regarding his  singing of  Neil Diamond at  porn star karaoke once, I thought it’d be funny to  write a little review of a Neil Diamond concert at MSG. 

 Don’t laugh, smut isn’t the total ogre that appears online, so the story is,  my brother bought my
mother 4 tickets for  to the August 12th  show at the Garden and I was to escort  her and two others as part of the birthday present deal. Yes, I can be a  gentleman and here I was going to see Neil in NYC with my mom and her former teacher friends.

Picture that, anyway, I tried not to think nasty thoughts about  the bevy of  milfs and even younger babes that were shaking their stuff to all the hits, Holly Holy, Sweet Caroline, name that tune, yep he did it, plus some
new stuff that nobody  really cared about. It was more low key than past shows, making one ponder if this is his swansong tour, hence the title of the tour & new record, Home Before Dark. Ponder that.

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