Snow Penis

You don’t really know what a hand job is until you’ve erected an 11 foot snow penis. However, students at Texas Tech University know. Students spent time creating this huge snow penis, before it was put to an end real quick. In this video you can see that they were putting the finishing touches on their frozen balls while a bulldozer came towards them threatening their work. They tried adding water to make the penis harder but it just wasn’t working out for them.

I’m not sure why exactly it was taken down, but it’s still sad. They made a valiant effort to save it. This is far from the first time a penis has been erected in public. The bush-crafted penis in Canada comes to mind.

Apparently, phallic landscaping is not yet in style. We’ll give it a few years. Even Van Gogh wasn’t popular at first. If you’re in a cold area, they say that snow storms are on the horizon, so see what you can do! Perhaps, next year the Guinness book of world records will have a snow penis category, and you’ll want to get in there first. It’s about the only place that your snow penis will fit.

A last shout out to the guys at Texas Tech University for doing everything in their power to save it. There is building it and being the mysterious forever-secret person behind, it as many have been. Then, there’s standing in front of a bulldozer doing everything in your power to keep your snow penis erect.

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