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So Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz is Being Played by…

So I ask Jeff for a clue as to who is playing Dorothy in the Wiz of Oz. First he won’t give me one, but I kind of trick him into it, because he’s too nice not to answer when I ask him a question.

ME-FINE! Don’t give me a clue,  how about you  just tell me whether or not she has been in an Xplay movie b4?
JEFF-Let your viewers guess!!!  There is no movie from X-Play on the market that she has been in.

Well that’s a really good clue. And I also have my “resources”. So I send him a note with my guess that I am 95% sure of, and here is what he sends me….


Hello Cindi,
Wow my summer just got insanely busy!
I was looking forward to a fun laid back summer with a vacation someplace exotic with a cute girl or two but now I have a full schedule of multiple projects to complete and the clock is ticking quickly.  I still plan on getting out of town for a week soon but now instead of just departing when I want to I have to really plan it out.
Right now I have to complete and deliver Not M*A*S*H XXX which is really turning out great in the edit bay.  The movie is funny, well-acted and should please those that loved the TV show M*A*S*H with Alan Alda and company.  The DVD hits stores August 14th and will be distributed by Hustler.  We are working the last 2 sessions of my original Mash music tonight and hopefully finishing up on Sunday.  I actually enjoy the music production sessions quite a bit because it brings me back to my old career as a full time musician before I became a director.
I also need to work with my editor Mark DeWop on finishing up all the BTS parts before we turn it over to DVD authoring and replication and then immediately go into editing Not Charlie’s Angels XXX which we wrapped shooting 2 weeks ago.  That should take about 6 weeks and I think this might be our best movie as it is so different from everything that we have done before.  It is not a straight forward comedy of course but rather a drama/mystery with some funny moments.  It will be in stores in September and it looks like it could be one of our biggest movies yet.    
I have a ton of music including the Angels theme opening to score and at the same time I need to continue working on the original music for Not the Wizard of Oz XXX which is a beast of a project I must confess.  The Oz music itself is not cheap knock-off music but rather they are all original compositions and so far they are wonderful but it is very hard to compete with a great classic song like Somewhere Over the Rainbow which is used over and over in the Wizard of Oz.  No matter how good a music composer is, that is a hill that is pretty much impossible to climb and I totally understand that.  I continue to try though lol.   We are really excited and scared to death about our upcoming production of Not the Wizard of Oz XXX as it is a logistical nightmare but if we don’t keep pushing ourselves then we will get old quickly and fade away.  I really have to marvel at how they produced such an amazing movie back in 1939 and wow is all I can say.  
We will be very busy for the next 6 months bringing our best effort and I am always excited about that.  I will be at the Smash party Saturday night drinking a lot of beer so hopefully that will be fun!  Check out our X-Play movies at 
Will Ryder

Jeff- Did you forget the whole purpose of my email? So is my guess right? or not?

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