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Social Underground Columnist Ralph Sutton Pens Sextiquette: The Do’s & Don’ts

Radio personality and Social Underground sex and dating columnist Ralph Sutton guides men through seduction with technology in his latest column, “Sextiquette – The Dos and Don’ts of Wooing Via Messages.”

“As an average looking single man who has perplexingly dated women way hotter than I deserve, I am often asked the simple question: How?” says Sutton. “So, I decided to share my wisdom with some do’s and don’ts to demystify this modern age of digital dating and help my fellow man.  Read my latest column, and then snap, post, tweet and text with confidence.”

The number one “Don’t” deals with men who feel compelled to send penis pics:

DO NOT: Under any circumstances EVER send a penis pic.   The only time this is ever allowed is after you’ve had sex, and if she’s really into that. But NEVER unprompted, NEVER if she asks before you meet… basically NEVER. If she’s asking for a penis pic before she met you, she’s not real -or she’s just going to show all her friends.

The number one “Do” deals with patience in capturing the heart and attention of your female target:

 DO: Put in the time.   What does that mean? In this modern social media age – there are women being approached by literally thousands of men daily.   So, if a girl doesn’t reply after the initial hello.   Give it time, and while on that subject.

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About Ralph Sutton: 

Host Ralph Sutton is a long-time veteran of television and radio with his own built-in international fan base. Sutton currently hosts The Tour Bus, a nationally broadcast rock radio show syndicated in 50 markets across the nation and re-broadcast worldwide on the Internet. The show boasts nearly one million listeners nationwide, ranking it number one with both men and women in several key age demographics including the coveted 25-49 bracket.   In 2014 Ralph started The SDR Show,  a podcast with comedian Big Jay Oakerson, and within months – it exploded into the #1 spot in comedy on iTunes and #11 overall, it spent all of April 2015 in the top 20 of iTunes comedy, plus the sho2w was signed to All Things Comedy – one of the biggest comedy podcast networks.  The show is already getting close to 500,000 listeners a month, and growing exponentially.

Besides his radio show, and podcast – Sutton has become the go-to guy to host rock events across the country including The Shiprocked and Motorhead cruises since they both began, The Full Throttle Saloon at The Sturgis Rally for 6 years, and The M3 Rock Festival.  Ralph has been a host on VH-1 Classic and a celebrity commentator on VH-1’s 40 Bad Metal Songs. He’s written content for various websites and magazines, including Metal Edge, Metal Insider, YourTango, Social Underground, and more.  Sutton was also the subject of the highest rated episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy in the popular show’s history.

With the rise in popularity of his podcast, his newly found talent as an auctioneer (quadrupling the money goal for Cancer Sucks charity events three years in a row), two new TV shows in development, and The Tour Bus signing several new stations this year  – Ralph is ready to make 2017 his biggest year yet.

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