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Society 15 Model Carolina Cortez Questioned in Death Of Rapper Mac Miller

nina elle

The Society 15 connection is 2 fold, Carolina Cortez is obviously talent on the S15 roster, and if you read The Smoking Gun story, a second person is named Mia Johansson, she has a baby with male talent Romeo Price.  Talk about bad luck, Society 15 has already seen several departures since Nina Elle bought the agency, having members of your agency connected to a rappers death probably won’t be good for business.

nina elle

Nina Elle and Mia Johansson

Since the news broke, Cortez has deleted all her social media. Wonder why?

carolina cortez

Carolina Cortez

From Smoking Gun

In a criminal complaint unsealed today, federal prosecutors allege that Cameron James Pettit, 28, sold Miller counterfeit Oxycodone pills containing fentanyl, the dangerous synthetic opioid that has been linked to a nationwide spike in fatal overdoses.

As detailed by investigators, Miller (seen below) was working in a Melrose Avenue recording studio when he texted Pettit with an order for 10 Oxycodone pills, a gram of cocaine, and 10 Xanax bars.

But when Pettit failed to appear at the studio (or answer further texts), the performer contacted a second drug dealer, Mia Johansson (who had introduced Miller to Pettit). Johansson, 32, also doubled as a pimp who provided Miller with prostitutes costing up to $800 an hour, according to federal investigators.

With Pettit AWOL, Miller texted an order to Johansson for cocaine, Adderall, Norco painkillers, Xanax, and Oxycodone. Johansson offered to comp Miller a gram of cocaine if he also booked a prostitute. “what about 2 gs?” Miller countered. Johansson agreed to doubling the cocaine, writing, “Deal lol.”

Shortly after ordering the narcotics from Johansson, Miller heard back from an apologetic Pettit. In a 2 AM text, Pettit told Miller, “Oh shit sorry I got sidetracked…Coming now.” Instead of telling Pettit not to bother, Miller replied “Fasho.”

Pettit delivered the drugs to Miller around 2:30 AM on September 5. A few minutes later, Johansson’s courier arrived with Miller’s second batch of narcotics.

The drugs were delivered, investigators say, by XXXXXX, a prostitute/adult film actress whose services were pimped out by Johansson. XXXXXX, who uses the handle “Carolina Cortez,” is pictured at left.

After Miller’s September 7 death, DEA agents analyzed an assortment of pills found in the rapper’s residence. Investigators concluded that while Johansson sold Miller genuine Oxycodone, the pills provided by Pettit were counterfeit and laced with fentanyl. Evidence collected in Miller’s home suggests that he “crushed and snorted one or more of the Counterfeit Oxycodone Pills Containing Fentanyl before his death,” according to the U.S. District Court complaint.

In the hours after Miller’s overdose death was reported, Pettit exchanged direct messages via Instagram with a friend who asked how he was doing. “I am not great…Most likely I will die in jail,” Pettit responded. The accused drug dealer then wrote about going “off the grid” and moving to another country. 

In addition to arresting Pettit for drug trafficking, federal agents searched his Hollywood Hills apartment and his Mercedes-Benz. Johansson’s Woodland Hills home and her vehicle were also searched this morning as part of the continuing DEA probe.

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