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Society 15 No Longer A Licensed Agency

Word to the wise, be careful who you passively threaten, especially when your own shit isn’t in order.

When Kendra sold Society 15 to Nina Elle 7 weeks ago, the license under Kendra became invalid. Now, knowing that, you would think the new owners would of had everything in place PRIOR to making the deal, or at a minimum, before making it public.

You see, if you’re not licensed, your contracts aren’t valid, and if your contracts aren’t valid, you can’t collect agency and booking fees….

First things first, why doesn’t Society 15 have a license? We live in a world where Riley at Hussie has a license, at one time, rapist Scotty from Plush had a license. But S15 doesn’t….

Why is a license important? Lots of reasons, like what if one of the girls on your roster was being investigated for the death of a famous rapper making Society 15 part of the news cycle? Girls not wanting to be connected to a roster of drug dealing Mac Miller killers, would probably want out. If S15 had a license, those girls would have to pay all outstanding balances prior to being released. But since S15 is in fact NOT licensed, legally, they dont have to pay you shit. No matter how many threats you make.

Fucking bullies.

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