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Society 15 Says TRPWL Is Lying About Them Not Being Licensed

A week or so ago, TRPWL posted an in depth story about S15 not being licensed. I say in depth because I used adjectives and commas..After that impressive piece hit the news cycle, I was deluged with calls from porn people saying, S15 says”you’re lying, “you’re just a hater”, “you can’t beat up a stripper” . My response, TRPWL is probably the most trusted news source in porn, not just in porn, but on the internet, only rivaled by Obscure Sports Quarterly, and Chuck Norris..  Notice the multiple commas, yep, another in-depth opus..

TRPWL is many things, but, he doesn’t piss in cups, he doesn’t get pegged by methheads, or drug free people for that matter, and he never, ever, ever lies about agencies being licensed.

As you can clearly see, S15 hasn’t been licensed since July 16th, that would mean, I didn’t lie, and wait for it, wait for it…..They did.. Wonder what Chief choo choo train has to say about that….

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