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Soldier’s looking for a date with Jazmine Byrne…


Dear Mr. Luke,

      I understand you are a busy man so i will ask this promptly. I understand you have the ability to contact many adult film actresses. I have been trying to find Some sort of contact to Ms. Jazmine Byrne. Ive been looking for a mailing address or a e-mail. But to no avail.You see. I am a Soldier. Im stationed at Fort Drum,New York, and its very dismal up here. I’m Originally from Fl and I don’t know many people up here, and this place is just a different culture shock for me.


In the Army we have ” Military Balls”, Pretty much a “dance ” like what we go to in high school. Your supposed to bring your wives, girlfriends, and whatnot. None of which I have.I’m not a horny little 18 year old who thinks it would be cool to “bring a porn star to the prom”. No, I’m a 25 year old, who’s been in the army for a while, And would like to try to fill a void in my life, and would like to experience something i would never be able to normally do.
If there is someway you can help me, or pass a word along.I would be greatly indebted.
   Thank you for your time ,Sir

                                   SPC, Umile, Frank

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