Some Answers My Interview With T J Cummings

I just got off the phone with T.J. Cummings who wanted to “set the record straight”

He indicated that he “has NOT read this site and that everything he was responding to was coming to him from elsewhere and that it is full of lies and misrepresentations”

he said that he was set to shoot for Wicked pictures on Fri Dec 6th and went to get tested at TTS on Tuesday Dec 3rd. he said that TTS called him on Wednesday December the 4th and notified him that there was a problem with his test. They sent him the results of everything BUT his HIV test. He said they told him that ‘this was not unusual and that he had nothing to worry about” and that they hod gotten no results from his first test (added from my notes)

He said the next day, Thursday Dec the 5th TTS Florida called him and asked him to come in and retest and they they never told him he should not have any sexual contact until he retested. He said that Sergio at TTS could back all of this up. He restated that they told him he “had nothing to worry about.”

He booked the webcam scene with Pressley around 7PM on Thursday Dec 5th he did confirm that date and time. (7PM ish)

He did so thinking that his test was fine and that there was nothing to worry about even though he had been told to come in and retest because “TTS doesnt like to have inconclusive tests on the books”

He chose to retest at CET instead and was notified by CET on Friday Dec 6th at 1030 AM (approx) that he had tested positive for HIV.

He said that he has never in his life escorted and that any ads that appear to be him are fraudulent.

He also stated that he has done NO cam shows in the last 6 months and that all of his sexual partners, both on and off camera since October 1 have been notified and have retested at CET.

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