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Some AVN employees are MISSING!

Rumor is six people got laid off from AVN this week. Trying to get the names from anyone working there was just not going to happen for me. So I took a different tactic.

I took AVN’s current online masthead of employees and matched it against the printed masthead in the newest issue of each of their magazines. Now this is certainly not the best way to find out who is no longer there, and probably won’t be 100% accurate.

So all I’m going to say is the following people ( in red) are missing from AVN’s online masthead list. Draw your own conclusions.

AVN Magazine
Missing- Senior Editor jared Rutter
Missing- Screeners Editor- Angie Peek

Dan Miller, Editor-in-Chief / Editor
Mark Kernes, Senior / Legal Editor
Nelson X, Associate Editor
David Sullivan, Managing Editor Associate Editor Peter Warren

AVN Online
MJ McMahon, Publisher & V.P., Internet Division
Kathee Brewer, Editor
Justin Bourne, Associate Editor
Sherri Shaulis, Managing Editor
Missing- Copy Editor Sascha Minor

Harker Jones, Editor-in-Chief
AVN Novelty Business
Tony Lovett, Publisher & V.P., Personal Products & Apparel
Erica Heathman, Managing Editor
Missing Senior Editor Wendy Rossner
Missing Editorial Assistant Manouk Akopyan


  To anyone who was laid off, I wish you the best in your search for a new job, and if you want to keep your writing skills sharpened while you are looking, feel free to drop me a line. LIB would love to have you.

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