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Some people are so stupid….

How stupid are they???  Sorry, it isn’t a joke and there is no punch line. 

I got an e-mail newsletter today that a guy sends out to 125 people with movie reviews in it. How do I know how many people he sends it to? Because I have all of the 124 other people’s e-mail addresses.

Now I am certainly not little Miss Web Savvy. As a matter of fact I remember asking a friend HOW to send out e-mails to a group of people without displaying their addresses to everyone that received it. So he taught me that little BCC thing. Everyone makes mistakes and just does dumb things, ( I do them all the time, usually because I don’t get enough sleep and am over tired), but come on.

You, Mister Movie Reviewer, sent me your whole contact list. TYVM! Now luckily for you AND THEM I am not a spammer, or a thief. But I do not appreciate you giving MY e-mail address to all of those other people. And for me, it’s not even that big a deal because they can go to my site and get it off the contact button. But you made it really easy for them to spam all the adult sites by giving them a nice juicy already prepared list, they don’t even have to do any work by finding all the addys themselves.

So because you sent out your newsletter today to me and 124 other victims, how many people are going to spam me, send me crap, clog my e-mail box? I don’t know. If they are all just webmasters of adult sites, like I am, then nothing will happen with the list. BUT I have to be afraid that if you are this careless with my address, how careful are you with others?

From my own point of view, I get at least ten personal e-mails a day from porn stars and she/he trusts that I will not make that public info. Which I never would. But can we trust YOU to do the same? If you are this sloppy with your newsletter list, how careful are you with your others?

To give blame where it is due, I also received an e-mail press release from a fetish site that I never heard of before that gave me a bunch of fetish contacts. TY. I appreciate you sending me the PR, and having your contact list right there where I can see it. It is saved in case I ever want to reach that group of people. Perhaps you should write me next time for info on how to use the BCC button. If I can do it, anyone can.

Two dumb asses in one day, huh, but that is in no way a record. Wait until I tell you about Dirty D’s arrest and the idiot who is arguing with me via e-mail and trying to OUT DD, probably the same person that last month said the DD was shooting someone underage. 

Boy do I have a lot of crap to tell you guys about, lol…..



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