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Some things I didn’t know about Shelley Lubben…

1. That she was married.

2. That she was a meth addict

3. That she has kids.

Shelley is doing a chat on Sunday night-

Please join Shelley and her husband Garrett in the Chat rooms this Sunday night, November 9 at 6 pm PST to talk about Marriage, sex, pornography and more… We want to share some of our pearls with you and inspire you to have an amazing and healthy marriage.

You may join the Pink Cross Foundation web site for free to be part of our workshop. We look forward to reaching out to you with lots of love and hopefully great advice!

Garrett and I have been through a lot in our marriage from him marrying a porn star and helping her recover, Shelley overcoming cancer, overcoming meth addiction, raising three children and now running a non-profit organization reaching out to porn stars. Oh yeah, we’ve been through a lot and God has taught us strength, endurance and the true meaning of “love”.

We invite all married couples to join us or anyone over the age of 18 preparing for marriage.

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