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Sometimes anal isn’t always a good thing

Amarna Miller made a great post on her blog that talks about why she doesn’t like to shoot anal anymore. It was a very interesting take on the whole anal in porn subject so I thought I would share it with you guys. I have to admit prior to this post I hadn’t heard of Amarna Miller – but she’s most definitely on my radar now.

Amarna Miller

Why I do not shoot anal scenes?

Honestly, I’m really tired of this question. I thought to include this post in my “FAQ” because it is certainly one of the things that people ask me more in, but then I realized that it is not just a problem of this platform. Absolutely through everywhere, including email, twitter, interviews and even in my blog, I receive daily messages in which you ask me when I’m going to give “the next step in my career.”

Now, I will tell you a few secrets of porn:

1- Before making an anal scene, you give yourself an enema. Sometimes enemas are not 100% effective and you cover on shit, literally, your partner and the film set.

2- Enemas destroy your intestinal flora. If you use them often it can cause you serious health problems.

3- Before shooting anal sex, you shouldn’t eat (unless you want point one to multiplies x1000). This means you can be 5, 6, 8 or 10 hours fasting until you shoot your scene.

4- When you start doing anal on screen, all the producers want you to shoot anal sex with them. And if you record every day (which is my case) that means that you are fucked in the ass almost every day of the week. Go back to point two, and the serious health problems.

5- There are many consequences, not as strange as you may think, that came from perform anal sex as it is done in porn: Broken sphincters, anal prolapses, lacerations, wounds, and a long list of absolute horror.


Now that you know how much fun it is to make anal sex in front of the cameras, here comes the question: When will you start recording anal scenes?
When I want. It’s just that clear. It may be this year, it may be next year or it may be never.

Because sexual practices has to be something you do for pleasure, not an obligation or yielding to pressure from producers or fans who think you’re not a complete actress until you do absolutely everything. And considering the physical and psychological consequences resulting from start doing this practice I want to be clear, very clear, before taking the plunge.

Having said all this, I answer the big question: Do I like anal? Yes, occasionally and in my personal life.

Source: Amarna Miller’s Blog

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