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Sonny Malone- On LIfe & The Walking Dead…

NL- Sonny tells me to go ahead and fix up what she wrote because she’s not a very good writer. I have to disagree. I did not change one word. This is a well done piece for sure, honest, sad, happy & hopeful…  Sonny, you ARE a good writer! Please send more!

Right Now by Sonny Malone

I am in the middle yet towards the end of a large feature; the Walking Dead parody. It has been a long journey as these larger features always are and I seem to be at the music/sound effect stage. Audio has always been my nemesis.

During this time, I turned a year older. One step closer to the big 5-0. Another hard fought struggle to come to terms with this stage in my life. I did my best to celebrate with a trip to the local Ren Faire; turkey leg and beer.   A day with my woman and one of my best friends. We ate and sang and came home and napped then ate more. It was a wonderful birthday.

As I try and come to terms with music in a horror film and the horror of my age, a new horror cropped up. My 70-year-old mother is in the hospital. She is also 3000 miles away from me. Seems she had been there since last Thursday and no one called me. I knew it was odd when my mother didn’t call me on my birthday but I didn’t press. I wish I had.  She is having heart trouble and we’ve had to have ‘the talk’ If the worst arrives, what would she want us – the family – to do. It was the hardest conversation I’ve ever had to face.

I am facing the rest of my life. I still want things for my woman, our dog, and me.  Pushing forward to my goals daily sometimes wears me down to the vision of a cranky child that wants her mommy, but my mommy is sick. In the Walking Dead, loved ones are lost and gone forever. Hard to face the fiction sometimes when the fact is staring right at you.


Here’s the trailer from the movie Sonny is working on…


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