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Sophia is back! “I Could of Had a Girlfriend”

NL- I have missed Sophia’s writing! Haven’t you? Her blog is


I could of had a girlfriend

by Sophia Mounds 

Have you ever thought a girl was hot, then she does somthing in front of you or tells you somthing, that makes you feel like coughing up a fur ball everytime you think about her?

Well my “girl” is a dom who is the proud owner of a “sub”, that looks like Frankinstien, if he had a peanut butter and jelly addiction. Now I thought she was hot and cool… Well, she is, and she isen’t. So she says let’s get some alcohol I’m like;”sure!”

So we get to his room, he opens the door and he’s the most vissually repulsive man, I have ever seen… He’s in a towle prepared to get punished. So we change into bikinies, that’s when the fun begins.

So my friend shelly takes her leg and rubs it on his chest which was hot because she has long legs, and like a horney dog with a speach impediment, he says; “oohh thaatt feellss sooo gogood.” Then she gets out the BABY POWDER and says to Ronie after she pores baby bowder on his clases;”can you see me?”his response was;”nooo cucus you popoured powowder on mymy classes and makes piggy noisses…”

Then he starts snifling and cowardly crying.. she then asks him; “did you bring your happy bag?” “Yeyess Missress itts over thereair.” Still snivalling. So she gives me the rope to tie him up, all the time durring this session she’d say “Ronnie you’re a PIGGY tell me what a PIGGY you are and don’t forget to SNORT” and he did it every time, and she’d laugh, a laugh I’m trying to get out of my head, it was “Ha hahaha HA!”

And the whole time she was playing with his balls… she also made him eat a twinky off the floore and then she spanked his ass. You know even if I could get over everything else, she was touching his sagy, old balls. GROSS! Once you see someone doing that, it doesn’t matter if they’re the hottest bitch on the planet, “FORGET IT”… I’m relieved and sad… Oh, well… Tears. NOT! And this dude is a morman with 8 kids… Ahhh!

Would I do it again probably, but would I like it? That’s the question.

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