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Sophia is nice ( except to Jeremy)

From Sophia-

Fine! I will do the interview, but not till sometime next week. Because I’m very busy. I’m behind with my posts. And I do have a private life. I’m not really mad at you I’m really mad at Jeremy and a few others who keep posting they want to hurt or kill me, blah, blah, blah! That shit ain’t cool!  I don’t know that asshole Wayne. Jeremy always tries to make everything into a conspiracy. That’s just what he’s into. I will interview as long as you don’t ask me any questions about Jeremy. It’s a very painful subject for me. And since I don’t have million’s of dollars for a shrink. Because of all of the abuse he’s put me threw. I’d rather not talk about him. Thank you, Sophia Mounds

My answer- Good Sophia. i look forward to it.

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