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Sophia/Jade Closing her blog, Maybe…

NL- I’d just like to say to all of Sophia’s readers (lol) that I have never been anything but nice to her, yet she continuously bashes me. It just down right hurts my feelings.  ?  (Thanks Larry)

From by Sophia Mounds/Jade

Hi Jade from the XXX World of porn writes a good buy note to the fans
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Sinse I don’t want to get sued and am tired of dealing with the assholes and the idiots of porn, I have decided to take the original posts down. I might in a couple of months, want to continue on with this stupidity but that is not for certain.

I’m tired of the stupid porn people, and their phony baloney bull shit. I don’t care about their lifes or their dramas and do not want to waist my life, or time on being underapriciated by haters and low lifes anymore.

Most of these people are the worst of the worst from the directors to the talent. And I am very sorry, that I knew or had anything to do with many of them. Most are horrible people, whom deserve everything that they don’t get in life!

I will no longer be pestered by hackers and idots. I’m threw! I don’t get paid and this site and everything about it — has been a giant waiste of my life and time and a huge pain in the ass. I don’t want to know most of the people whom hate me or my site. Who only know me because of this site. Whom are such idiots that these fucking lossers whom have nothing beter to do than threaten me with stupid frivolous law suites or herase me. Well all I have to say is fuck them!

With the worst offenders being and Jeremy Steel and Justin Long. So to all of my readers and fans of this site if you want to blaim anybody for the writter of the taking down many of the storys and for never ever writting again. These people are 1000% responsible for me never wanting to fuck with this stupid non-sense anymore.

People like and think they run and have the market closed to anyone else whom has the desire to write or attempt to make their ultra borring bull shit porn news interesting they’ll tear them apart. I did not deserve the herasement that I have recieved from the ultra retards whom claim to be writers in the porn news field and all I have to say is FUCK THEM and their stupid bull shit profesion. And all their b.s I’m done and it is because of those two sites and because of Jeremy Steel and Justin Long! Period, I have beter things to do then be threatened day after day by those assholes.

Have a great life and maybe I’ll be back???

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