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Sophia Lynn And Her Lawyer Blasted

Steve K. writes:

Sophia Lynn owes me a lot of money and her lawyer AKA “Captin Save A Ho” [Michael Fattorosi] told me that she was going to pay me back the money she owes me this past Tuesday. Well its Friday night and I havn’t heard anything from her or “Captin Save a Ho.” Oh and its pretty funny ’cause he told me that if I kept talking to you about all this and if I keep posting things about her he was going to take me to court and he also said he is going to rep her for free.

I told him and Sophia Lynn I wasn’t playing games anymore and I also heard from several people that they too have had problems with Sophia Lynn and after the last post I got a lot of phone calls and emails from people who want to be named nameless…

Where is this drug test we all keep hearing about? I want her to get tested at AIM not some phony doctor like Riggs.

Michael Fattorosi posts on XPT:

Unfortunately, I have not heard from her in over a week. She informed me she was going to return to LA last Tuesday and deal with her situation involving Steve Koch.


I gave him my word that I would try to resolve his situation with her. When it was not resolved in the manner and time frame he wished, he threatened me as well as Sophia with posting defamatory statements on the internet. It is sad that this self-proclaimed professional in the industry has to resort to Luke Ford to solve his rather minor issue.

On a more important note – as for Sophia, her family has been in touch with me, if anyone knows her whereabouts, please have her contact them or me immediately.

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