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Sophia Lynn, Audrey Bitoni, Jenna Presley and two of the hottest UTR models!

From TER.

Steven emails about Sophia Lynn: “Oh my god when I was cleaning my bathroom I found a needle and sureng and I myself have never and never will shoot up anything, so I know this belongs to Sophia Lynn plus it was in my personal bathroom trash can, which no one ever uses because it is in the master bedroom and I keep my room locked at all times… it has what looks like a tan residue on it. Oh my god this bitch was shooting up in my bathroom no wonder she was in my bathroom for hours on end… Also when she was using my car she said she had several customers to meet with but when she got home the next morning she had no money… SOPHIA LYNN is on heroin. I got rid of the needle because I don’t need that in my house plus I was so lucky I didn’t poke myself on it cause then she would be facing criminal charges…”

Attorney Michael Fattorosi posts on XPT:

I have to jump in here a defend this girl a little – not a lot though. Whether she is or isnt on smack – I dont know, but I know something about “Steve”.

I had the opportunity to read about 3 weeks of his text messages to her – apparently he is either (a) stalking her over his emotions or (b) stalking her because she owes him money. Either way, the text messages I read (about 90 total) do not paint the same picture as his emails.

On numerous occasions he referred to her as “sweetie” and wanted to know if she could do a sex scene with him instead of paying him back whatever she owed. When she refused the offer, his tone changed dramatically ending up in the emails that Luke is posting. His overall tone in the text messages seem to paint a man that was infatuated.

In his text messages he threatened her with exposing her on Luke, AVN, XBiz ect. So far only Duke has taken him up on the smear campaign.

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