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Sophia Lynn Blasted

Steven K sends out this MySpace bulletin about Sophia Lynn:

Oh my god this girl is a dum whore she not only owes me $860. she is a liar and a thief, She talks mad smack on everyone in the industry and she tried to fuck over Derrick at LA Direct models by geting an agent that works for him to book her some work without him knowing and the agent who will be named nameless untill I talk to derrick.. Not only that Sophia is on major drugs both speed and crack.. She hooks on the side so if anyone wants a cheap hooker you can book her.. Just watch out she looks like she was attacked by Jason or freddie crooger. This girl is one dum whore.. Not only that she told me that one of the agents at la direct raped her and I think she is full of shit and I feel like she is just trying to get atten.

Derek at LA Direct Models writes: “We wish Sophia [her MySpace] well, and hope she can overcome her demons. She’s a good kid and life has dealt her some tough blows.”

Steve K. calls me back at noon. “She was a nightmare,” he says.

Luke: “What was the background on that post?”

Steve: “I tried helping her out. I just got burned by her. I’ve never been burned that bad. I told her, ‘Don’t worry about the money. I’m going to write an article.’

“She’s full of s—. I’m tired of dealing with her drama.”

Luke: “Does she have drug problems?”

Steve: “Yes. That was one of the issues I had with her.

“I knew her when she was at Adam & Eve. She had situations where she was constantly taking pills. I told her, ‘We can’t have that situation here.’

“She lied to everybody and told everyone that she had cancer.

“I was talking to her during that time and I talked to one of her doctors in Sarasota, FL, where she had her surgery. Her stomach was so packed with vicodins and she couldn’t s—. They had to cut her stomach open and remove some intestine. That’s why she has that big ol’ scar.

“It’s a drug thing. It’s always been like that with her. I told her, ‘No drugs if you come over here.’

“I’m staying away from the industry. I had my bout with drugs. I can’t be around them. That’s why I don’t go to industry parties anymore. That’s why I’ve stopped associating with a lot of people, people who were friends of mine for a long time.

“She came over. She’s hanging out. I’m trying to get her some regular work. I’m trying to get her to focus. She said she had an incident at LA Direct Models, that one of the agents there had raped her.

“I said, ‘If that is the case, you need to go public about it.’ She didn’t want to do that.

“The whole time she’s at my house, about 90% of the time, she’s in the bathroom.

“She’d come out of the bathroom and her whole mood would change. You could tell she was lit. It pissed me off.

“She needed to go to the Valley. I told her, ‘I need a break from you. Just take my car and go out there.’

“On the way back, she called me and said, ‘I know you said you don’t want any coke, but I can get you some if you want some.’

“I blew up at her. I said, ‘Get your ass to my house now. I want my car.’

“I’m trying to go mainstream. I’m working on a B-movie now (Cydonia). I’m up for some other movies, doing set design and some low levels. Porn isn’t something I want to do.

“I was around the business for five years. I worked for Legend and Hustler.

“She comes over to my house and walks around naked. All she talks about is porn, porn, porn.

“Supposedly the agent at LA Direct she was staying with got rid of a lot of her stuff.

“She’s just drama. I finally told her that she needed to get out of my house, especially when she was going to go meet with an agent at LA Direct who worked for Derek and was supposedly going to get her work on the side without Derek knowing.

“I told her I was not going to have any part of her undercutting Derek.

“She was in my house for three or four days, which was three or four days way too long.”

Luke: “What her fundamental issue?”

Steve: “Drugs.

“I was embarrassed having her around. I told all my roommates, ‘If she talks to you, ignore the things she says.’ She goes off on these tangents that don’t make sense. She talks about how her life sucks. She does the old ‘poor me’ card.

“She has the nerve to say, ‘You’re being so mean and so nasty. I’m attracted to you.’ That made me blow up more. I said, ‘Sophia, I am not some customer. You don’t need to come at me like that.’

“I was not sleeping with her. I didn’t want that.”

“It’s drugs. She literally shakes.”

Luke: “She made the industry look terrible in that ABC Primetime show.”

Steve: “I was so embarrassed when I saw that.

“This industry is forgiving, especially when it comes to girls.”

“I’ve done everything in porn except perform. Mainly camera.”

Luke: “Why did you get into the Adult industry?”

Steve: “I fell into it. My ex-wife was a performer, Anika Fox.”

Joe emails: “Is sad that the predictions I made when I knew that Sophia Lynn have returned to the business had come true. I predicted in PM I sent you that she will either sink in tha abyss of mental inestablility and drug use or become suicidal. I’m saddened to now I was right. You Luke have not failed her, your job is to report. Is the industry that allowed her back despite the fact that she was clearly unfit for sex work that failed. I hope Heather Veitch, Annie Lobert, Shelley Lubben or a like minded person do something. But in the end is Sophia Lynn or the woman named Crystal the one that will have  do the job. With friends and G-D help but the final outcome is on her. I hope you inform of her situation to the people who can help her. The second best thing that could happen to her is to be arrested and do time.”

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