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Sophia Lynn Loses Custody of her Child

From ChristianSingstheBlues by way of PornStarBabylon

Christian XXX writes- It’s really awkward when a girl is sent home from a set. It’s only happened to me a handful of times, and usually it’s because they have a staph infection somewhere, or their test is expired (lame), or in rare cases, the girl gets in a fight with the producer, director, or crew. Or in Sophia Lynn’s case, she gets a call from her lawyer telling her she just lost custody of her child. That was not good times. Picture a bawling Sophia Lynn trying to convince the director that she still wants to shoot the scene.

NL- Apparently this is not current news. The way it is written in Christian’s blog it can be taken like something that happened a couple days ago. THanks for pointing that out Rics. Blame it on Darrah, lol   j/k

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