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Sophia Mounds answers LIB article on what’s Obscene

NL-The words in bold are statements from an article that was printed here on what is obscene. The plain text is Sophia Mounds answer to the statement which she put up on her blog.


I think the fact that we were lied into a war where we pissed away over a TRILLION dollars, lost thousands of our own brave soldiers needlessly and caused a million innocent people’s deaths is OBSCENE..

Sophia- Dumb-ass! We were not led into a War! Terrorists attacked us and we had to show our military strength, to that religiously backwards country. Our brave soldiers did not die needlessly! They fought and died bravely and died for what they believed in, which is freedom and democracy. Most of the people who died in that war, were not innocent they were associated to terrorist organizations!

I say hard working Americans losing their homes as greedy Wall Street Fat Cats get bailed out” is OBSCENE. .

Sophia-The hard working Americans did not lose there homes to greedy fat cats! They lost there homes because they couldn’t afford them. Because there hourly wages could not cover the monthly expenses of a mortgage. Plus many people have lost there jobs. That’s why people have lost there homes.

I think that a world that said “Never Again” has turned it’s head and allows genocide to continue is OBSCENE  .

Sophia-Other country’s have there own economic problems and its not easy to start wars with other country’s. It costs millions of dollars and life’s. Genocide has always been with us and always will be unless the people change there hateful ways. That has something to do with humanity not governments.

I think the fact that in America, “The Greatest Country In The World” most people can’t even afford health care and are forced to choose between losing everything or dying is OBSCENE.

Sophia-There are places people can go to for free medical care, even for cancer you can get free medical care. Only a few people, who do not qualify for these programs, can’t get care. People don’t always lose everything, they have places for people to go when there sick. Its not the governments responsibility, to always take care of sick people. They should have families who will take responsibility for them.

I think the fact that the American People have been SOLD OUT and BACK STABBED by the people they put in office time and time again is OBSCENE.

Sophia-The American people have not been sold out or back stabbed. Who are you talking about, which congress person, over what, when?

I think “Nation Building” other nations while we watch ours decline is OBSCENE.

Sophia-We are not nation building! We are only trying to restore law and order in Iraq. Maybe making that country a little better then it was.

I think CEO’s of failing companies getting paid 450 times the average yearly salary of one of their employees is OBSCENE.

Sophia-What people pay there CEO’s, is the company’s problem, not yours! They can do what they want to with there money. That’s why we call this place the U.S.A., if this was Communist Russia or China everyone would be paid the same.

I think all those  that have worked hard all their lives to have a retirement and have it stolen from them by Corporate Criminals is OBSCENE.

Sophia-A lot of those corporate criminals did do prison time and were fined.

I think a Pandering, ratings based, dollar hungry media that fails us by not going after the truth is OBSCENE.

Sophia-There is some truth in the media, a smart person would look to other forms of media, to find the truth, instead of complaining about it!

I think children going to school in trailers while Principals and School Board Members are grossly over paid and work in relative luxury is OBSCENE.

Sophia-Principles and School board members get paid what the city agrees to pay them and you have no prof, that they have been over paid!

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