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Sophia Mounds Vs Sophie Dee

Oh I so wanted to be nice and just leave that happy holiday wish and picture  of Sunny Lane up as the top story  for a couple days. But I just can’t do it. I am to addicted to gossip and I just got some juicy stuff…

I went over to read what Sophia Mounds was up to on her site, and she has SLAMMED Sophie Dee and Sophie’s husband Lee Bang. And I mean slammed, cursed out, name-called, belittled, really ripped them up.


I don’t know Lee Bang. I have talked to Sophie Dee maybe once or twice, so I don’t have anything bad to say about them. So I am certainly not supporting or agreeing with what Sophia says.

But I will say that it’s one of Sophia’s best jobs at writing a story that I have ever seen. Maybe angry really works for her. It’s so over the top, even I won’t print it, so go read it for yourself-

If Sophie Dee & Lee want to respond they can do so here. I don’t think Sophia wants to talk to them right now….

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