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Sophia on Editing and Punctuation

NL-Sophia apparently likes Al’s writing. She just thinks she needs to “edited” it to correct the spelling and punctuation mistakes, “weather” you like it or not. . lmao.


written by Sophia Mounds

He might be a really good writer, if luke-smokes-crack would try something on her site called editing. Even the best writers need good editor’s. No one has the patience or ability to sit threw her unedited posts. I read them and I think to myself, ”why didn’t she edited this”. His writing could have been edited and it would have made his writing easier to read.This is my site and I do edit all of the posts, weather you like it or not! I do spelling checks, edit run on sentences and things that don’t make any sense. Not because the writer sucks, but because its the right thing to do. You can see the original post on Luke is back, I fixed the spelling and made it make sense.  This is supper funny to me, because Luke-smokes-crack and a few of her full of hot air friends, said ” I was dumb and couldn’t write”. But I don’t know how many spelling errors, I have found in her writing and her so called friends writings.

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