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Sophia on Jack Venice sentence

Sophia Mounds writes me with her views-

Law’s need to be apled the same way for everybody. If one man gets a 4 year sentence, while anothes does the same thing in Washington but gets a life sentence. That’s not justice! If one man in any State in our country gets the death sentence for killing 3 people, while 3 men from Rwanda kill thousand’s and thousand’s of people and only get a life-sentence. That scream’s injustice! My son’s father, beat me and then attempted to kill me infront of his son. All my son’s father only recieved a 4 month sentence? My mother say’s that my kids father is on the 3 strikes law and that, that should be enough justice for me? My other friend mother and sister were killed by a drunk driver, all that M- F got was a slap on the wrist then he left the country.

I don’t mind that people have the “dirty Hairy mentality” but the sentences must fit the crimes. The sentences can’t be or shouldn’t be biased or bassed on prejudice. I did get a call from the D.A. Saying; “how ‘sorry’ they were” for letting the abuse continue for 7 years and only giving him a 4 month sentence.

The D.A’s office did offer me victim’s assistance for the rest of my life. After that my kid’s dad left me with all the financial responsibilitie for his son and I have taken care of his financial care all of his life. When his father did finally decide to see his son. My kid did not want to have anything to do with his father.

And to disgust your readers, his father has impregnated some one else? Another kid he probably won’t pay for and another women he probably will beat? So my question is; “if a man can get away with attempted murder, another gets away with man-slaughter and 3 men, get life in prison for genocide. When Jack Venice get’s life in prison for one rape and theaft. Where’s the justice?

Look, I knew Jack Venice personally he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I believe he was rail-roaded into a life-sentece because he was an adult performer with an adult performer fiance. That’s not justice, that’s injustice. 8 year’s or 9 year’s maybe, but life in prison no mother-f*cking way!

By Sophia Mounds.

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