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Sophia on the election

Sophia e-mails me- Wow! You told people to vote 4 obama? So you like all the stupid shit that obama wants to do? He wants to tax us to death. Hey ques what? Only low class dumb m-fs voted 4 him and 98% of the black population. Do you think most of the people know or care about what that man really wants to do. And do you know what? No one will be able to afford porn. After all of his tax increases. And you think porn is more safe with democrates then with republicans. Heres a fun filled fact for you. Theres more womens rights groups in the democratic party, then there is in the republican party. And you know how the womens rights groups feel? They would like to stop porn and strip clubs. Because they believe all the diffrent types of things in the sex industry is degrading and bring about violence against women! But you knew that right? Well as for me the moment that obama turns into the new Hitler im moving to Guam! Good luck and i really hope your right. But I doubt it!

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