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Sophia Santi Interviewed by Pepe

by Pepe of

For starting how are you Sophia? I see you are now working so hard doing something new and special in your career I mean doing boy/girl scenes ¿How was the idea of shooting boy/girl scenes? You only used to do lesbians or solos scenes.
I am really enjoying doing guys now! I have all these pent-up fantasies from not doing it for so long!
Recently we did a post in our site for promoting your new movie “Sexual Obessesion” Are you happy with the result of the work?
Yes I am, thank you:)
We can see you were working in it with great performers as Voodoo, Jerry, Kayme Kai, Justice Young, Audrey Bitoni and Nina Mercedez, How was the experience of working for the first time doing b/g with Vodoo or Jerry? Who was your favourite?

My first one was with Voodoo and he was amazing. We had had a little sexual tension since we met on set a year before so it was great to finally fuck him.
You are working again with Nina Mercedez and her company Heartbreaker Films, Do you feel comfortable working with her?
Yes, I love Nina!
Is she a close friend from you too?

Yes, she is a very good friend as well.
Any porn star you are a close friend in the business?
I am also very good friends with Kayme Kai.
Many of the scenes are in your website  Are you going to update your website with new boy/girl scenes in a future Sophia?
Yes I have lots of G/B scenes that I have already shot that are in the queue to go up on my site.
You have worked with Elegant Angel in two new movies, Massive Facials Vol. 3 and The Boomshells vol.2 Let’s go first with the last one. How was shooting with a performer as Manuel Ferrara, Did you enjoy in the scene?
Manuel is a great performer, I love working with him! You never know what he will do. LOL
Now it’s time to talk about your first ever Bukkake in Massive Facials vol. 3 Please Sophia tell us how did you feel doing a scene with five guys? Did you feel nervous before starting it? Did you enjoy with the sperm experience?

I wasn’t really nervous, I was excited! It was always a personal fantasy of mine to do that and I loved it. It was my favorite scene I have done.
Are you thinking in shooting new boy girls scenes, bukkakes or trios ofr new companies as Zero Tolerance, Evil Angel, Digital Playground or any other important in porn valley?

Yes, I have recently shot four movies for Zero Tolerance and also one for Digital Playground.
Would you mind doing anal scenes in a future or is a big change after doing only lesbian scenes?
Maybe if I start doing anal in my personal life but at this time I don’t do it.
What about some gang bang? Black performers maybe?

Definitely black performers. I am currently doing an IR line for JSI. My first release, Sophia Santi’s Black Addicktion will be out soon.
And I definitely think a gangbang is in my future. lol That is also a fantasy.
What are your favourite’s girls in porn?

Some of my favorites are Nina Mercedes, Alektra Blue and Kayme Kai.
Let’s talk now about other stuff, How a normal day is for Sophia out of the movie sets?

Hmmm usually I get up, make tea, meditate and read if I am not working.
Do you have boyfriend Sophia, are you in love?

Nope! I am happily single!
Do you know Spain Sophia? Would you like visit our country in the future?
I have always wanted to visit Spain. I had a dream where I was a little boy in Spain in the 1700’s. Maybe it was a past-life. LOL
Are there any web sites or future projects that you would like to promote? and my releases Sexual Obsession and Black Addicktion
Did you feel comfortable with the interview Sophia?
Yes, thanks so much!

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