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Sophia says- FUCK OFF!

NL- I am 95% sure that Sophia is not The General. And she is home sick, so maybe you guys could give her a break and leave her out of that Colonel/General/Jeremy/AL drama going on down the page, since she has nothing to do with it.

Sophia writes on her site

What ’s an undersexed pervert who couldn’t get laid unless, it was a job have in common with most male porn stars? Their generally the same person. Some of these guy’s have “no play” with women and accuse everybody of “shit” that they’re guilty of?
Can you say “middle aged male porn star” and “camera guys” they go by the name of “who gives a fuck?”, I need not mention this serpent’s name, he knows who he is…
These types of people “never” get the f*cking “message”. They’re the type of people, who make other peoples life’s “HELL”, for no other reason then to keep their pathetic “names” out there. As if “any one” ever cared what any of these “cretins/lame-asses” have to say if the first place?
Usually I try to “defend” myself from these “pathetic creatures” assault’s. They lie about me, about my son, they’ll try to say any fucked up thing to hurt me… They say I have been posting; as some guy I don’t know and don’t care about. I don’t have the “time” or the “desire” to do anything that f*cked up, because I am don’t want to wind up like them. I have never “thought” about doing what I’m being accused of, by a bunch of “middle aged” old f*cks who should give it up. Why? Because these idiots make themselves look worse, then they already did by acting that way.
Leave me the fuck alone! I have been in the hospital because my back went out, and I have asthma and have been “coughing” up blood! I’m real sick and these mother f*ckers; should be ashamed of themselves. All I did is; I liked this stupid, fat, piece of shits, story? And I rewrote it, because like him, it was full of “hot air” and was “over written” and had to many descriptive words, so I edited and posted it to my site… “God I’m so f*cking mean” So if your reading this Colonel; “f*ck you! You fat, sorry, pinto-driving fuck! And don’t worry my site isn’t lame. Lot’s of people who aren’t dirt bags like yourself read it all the time; my site won’t be needing your “writing” ever again; so “fuck-off”!

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