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Sophia says Jeremy is not the sharp tool in the shed OR Sophia finds the quotation mark

Sophia Mounds writes me an e-mail that says-

Tell jeremy that there is no way in “hell” that I am going to any b.s. court against him. Why? Just so jeremy can get 300 dollars. Forget it! No way! He has already “used-me” to get $550  and he cost me a $1000 + in moving expenses. I want this “dip-shit” to get it threw his “peanut brain”, that I don’t care about this shit and he needs to “leave me alone”.

I’m tired of his childish drama! I got a call yesterday from a phonie saying he’d pay me 300 dollars, to apear in a pretend b.s. court. Why? Because Jeremy says I defamed and slandered him? And he want’s to sue me? My friend fell on the floor (laughing). I was mad and shaking at first, because this less-then-human-human-being, has been insulting, slandering me and himself for the past couple of months. Plus all the herassment from Jeremy’s post’s. Jeremy is simply unbelievable! And not in a good way either.

If jeremy could win money for hitting me. That would put womens right’s back a thousand years. My friend said I should have gone on the show because there is no doubt in his or my mind, that I would win. But there is no amount of money in the “whole world”, worth having to deal with Jeremy and his stressful b.s..

So forget it! If Jeremy needs money, tell him to get a job. The real reason no one hires Jeremy in the Porn biz, is because every producer/director in the  Porn biz is sick of his babelling, pre-Madonna b.s and no one likes his cheap looking botched hair transplant.

He “thinks” hes the best male perfomer around. He looks worn-out.. His “unemployment” in the “Porn-biz” has  nothing to do with me! Jeremy needs to take responsibililty for his life, “grow-up” and stop being so high school drama. He claims to be a man, then he should start acting like one and stop hiting and being abusive towards women.

He needs to learn how to respect women and himself. Not all women are as dumb as he “wishes”  they were. Jeremy definitely is not the “sharp” tool in the shed. Written by Sophia Mounds (laughing)              P.S. “fuck-off-JEREMY!”

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