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Sophia says LEAVE ME ALONE, and then sends me another e-mail to post

NL-I’m just going to post this e-mail that sophia sent me yesterday to get them all up, and then I will move on to something else.

10.29.08  Sophia sends me an e-mail- Could you guys be any biger of a “joke”? Then you are now? Hahahahahaha. Tears… The only people who believe anything Jeremy has to say is lukeisback. (laughing) the shit that you allow that mental midget to post. Is laugh-out-loud funney. “Tears” Its bringing tears to my eyes. Ya, I called an attorney and he started laughing on the phone he thought the shit was so funney. He said I dont have anything to worry about. He told me to tell Germ that he doesnt even have a hope or chance in hell of winning “shit” Tell him to move on, I have. He needs to get over it and nothing is going to change the past. Tell him Im sorry if that makes him feel any beter. So

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