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Sophia says “Spare me Bitch”

Your fucking-funey I am jewish that’s why I can say it.”GOD” get over offending stupid asshole like Jeremy. For fucks sake! That bitch, doesnt have enough money to sue me because he cant even pay to wipe his own ass. Much less pay  someone to sue me.

You calling me low class is funey as hell! (laughing) tears, thanks; you must be a comedian. Your protecting a man who is a women beater. What kind of women does that? That’s because you don’t give a fuck about anybody except, that washed-up-loser Jeremy Steel.

Do you even understand what that mother fucker has put me threw? People like you, who protect weasels like Jeremy Steel and Ryan Knox. You have allowed people to threaten my life on your site! And I’m the one who’s low class? “Spare me bitch.” (laughing)

I answer- Sophia, did you hear that I am dating both Jeremy  AND Ryan? I am now  actually supporting them both. I just bought Jeremy his own Website!

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