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Sophia says stop being such a Jew-Jeremy

Sophia writes me-

Its pretty funny to me that Jeremy Steel has the balls to say he’s going to sue me. I’m so scared that I’m about to shit my pants “not”.

What’s he going to sue me for? Was I the one who arrested him? NO!!! A Police Officer did! I don’t talk to Tony Tadeshi, I have no idea what the fuck he’s talking about? He’s insane! I feel sorry for him. He really needs to get a life and help. (laughing)

If he could sue me, what the fuck is he waiting for. And as for false accusations, Jeremy is the “KING” of that. He does not have a case and should shut-the-fuck-up!

2 months latter and this shit is all he talks about. Did someone fuck him in the ass? Maybe that’s why he’s so butt hurt? Stop being such a “Jew-Jeremy” you ain’t suing nobody! “Fuck-OFF”. If your pisst Jeremy call the little persons law-fund.(laughing) Sophia Mound’s.

I answer back-Why are you using the word Jew like a swear word? I’m sure you have friends that are Jewish and wouldn’t be very happy that you think there is something bad about being Jewish. It is very low class of you

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